Strategic Environmental Management, Inc.

Energy and Environmental Strategies for the Future of Your Business 

Services for Commercial Property Owners

Sustainability Planning

Solid Waste Management

  • Review and optimize current waste contracts 

Commercial Recycling Plans

  • Compliance with  recycling regs

Water Conservation and Management

Carbon Disclosure and Reporting

Indoor Air Quality Analysis

Complete Energy Management

Analysis of energy use

  • ENERGY STAR® Benchmarking
  • ASHRAE Energy Audit

Energy procurement

  • Electricity 
  • Natural gas
  • Green options

Energy Efficiency

Demand Reduction

  • Lighting controls
  • HVAC Optimization
  • Project financing 

Self Generation Options

  • Solar
  • Combined Heat & Power

LEED Certification


Demonstrate your Commitment to a Better Building

LEED buildings


  • Cost less to operate
  • Attract tenants
  • Boost employee productivity and retention
  • Are healthier than others

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Strategic Environmental Management, Inc.

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